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If you are not ready to sell your property, but would like an honest opinion on what it would sell for in today’s market, fill out this brief form below and we’ll send you our thoughts.

If you are ready to sell, here is a brief outline of how we work with our seller clients. It is not an all-inclusive list by any means, but it should give you enough of an idea of what to expect if you choose to hire us. We are young (ish), fun (ish) and utterly flexible and adaptable. If your property has a tiny unique niche of potential buyers, say a remote colony of Tibetan monks – we’ll find a way of getting their interest. Most homes, of course, do not – but whatever makes your property stand out, we’ll find it, make it sparkle and spread the word far and wide. And of course, we’ll obsess over every detail of the process, so you don’t have to.

  • We communicate with you when and how you’d like to be communicated with. Whether it be by text, phone, Facebook, in-person, carrier pigeon or all of the above.
  • All of the paperwork required to sell your home will be in order before and during contract acceptance. Pro-activity is the name of the game!
  • Your home will be marketed through many channels including the Internet, social media, syndication, your neighborhood and anything else we conjure up together to find the buyer for your home.
  • The written descriptions for your home will encapsulate the features and benefits that capture the interest of potential buyers.
  • No cell phone home selfies here. We only use professional videographers, licensed drone operators and professional photographers, who know how to capture the right angles, lighting and features. Again, now that you’re selling your home, it is a product. Think of the photos as you would commercial displays you see strolling through the mall.
  • You will receive sound advice on how to present your home in the best possible way to buyers. Even if this means telling you things you may not want to hear. You’re paying us to sell your home and that means making it the best product that speaks to as many buyers as possible. We will also bring in our home stagers and designers if you’d like.
  • We will accurately price your home.
  • We network and promote your home extensively with other agents to ensure that your home gets the most exposure with the people who can bring potential buyers.
  • We won’t disappear when the sale closes. We’ll stay in contact with you on a monthly basis as part of our Client Appreciation Program just to see if you need any assistance with anything.
  • We will help you find short-term rental storage for your belongings in the event your sale and purchase don’t happen on the same day.

If this sounds reasonable, just let us know and we’ll be thrilled to represent you. 

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