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Why Buy with Joe Janus Real Estate?

With the abundance of home search portals, we have every confidence that you can find any home in probably any area on your own, and we encourage you to look, to explore and see what’s out there in any way that’s convenient for you, whether by searching on this site or Zillow or any place you like. What we bring to the table is years and years of local knowledge and an appreciation for the variety of homes in all their details and styles. You may not need us to help you find that charming tudor in Willo, but we’d be thrilled to help you navigate through every view, every finish, the smells and sounds of each block. We want to find a place that fits who you are, not just your budget, and of course, we make the whole process easy on you. Here is a brief outline of what working with Joe Janus Real Estate looks like:

  • We take the time to get to know you and what you’re looking for so we can find that as close to perfect home for you as possible.
  • We are quick to respond to your questions and inquiries, the way you want us to, so you are never unsure of what’s going on.
  • We will preview homes for you if you’d like. Even if you’re out of town we’ll do a video walk through and send it to you right away.
  • We communicate with you when and how you’d like to be communicated with.
  • We work WITH you, your loan officer, the other agent, the title company, home inspectors, contractors and anyone else to make your home purchase go smoothly.
  • We have a network of real estate agents where we find out about homes before they are advertised on the MLS, giving our buyers an advantage over other buyers
  • We’ll help you find the right schools for your children, the right neighborhood that meets your lifestyle, short term housing if you need it, a kennel for your dog, storage for your possessions and anything else that’s important to you. Joe was a concierge for a boutique hotel in Michigan in his younger years and he knows how to get things done.
  • We strive to be as paperless as possible and send documents via email for electronic signature. Sending documents this way can be the difference between having an offer accepted or not accepted.

Our commitment doesn’t end at the time the deal closes. We’ll provide resources, recommendations and stay in touch with you on a regular basis as part of our Client Appreciation Program.

If you’d like us to help you search for that perfect home, get in touch or simply fill out this short form and we’ll get right on it.